30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 1

Day 1 — A show that should have never been canceled

It’s got to be How I Met Your Mother. 

Oh gosh. I have learned so much on this show it’s crazy. It’s fun yet there’s the lessons that you won’t miss even if you want to.

Like the quote, “Nothing good happens after 2AM”. We all try to ignore it. We say the fun can still go on after then but that’s not true. Something always go wrong after 2AM.

The show went from 2005 to 2038. They could have shown it for that long as well and I would watch it. It’s tears, laughter, that warm fuzzy feeling.

I feel like I’m friends with them all this time, like I’m part of the gang. I groan everytime Barney makes slimy remark. I have this nerd alert in my head every time Ted goes academic. Marshall’s singing would always make me smile. Lily’s honest and brutal truths always hit me hard. Robin’s different personality is always just refreshing.

Gah, this show.  Alright, time for another rerun of the 9 seasons.