I have always wanted to transfer my stories here from It would mostly be my one-shots. Apparently, I wrote this one before I turned 18, 09/21/2014. Though I can barely remember the story when I first copied it from my asianfanfics account, when I edited it, I remembered how I got to writing it. 

My inspiration were reunion fics from Dramione when Hermione’s muggle relatives belittle her and found out she is to wed Draco Malfoy, business mogul in both Wizarding and Muggle world. There are tons of fanfics in the topic and it has always been a fun read for me. So I made a G-Dragon and Yoona fiction of the same kind.

There she was, standing in front of their school. How long has it been since she stepped foot on this institution? Ten years? Wow. A very long time, indeed.

But somehow, being here again, she seemed to have reverted back to her seventeen year old self, big glasses and fifty pounds heavier than she is now. Im Yoona. The school’s Most Likely to Not Succeed.

She took a deep breath. “This is not happening. This is not happening.” She kept repeating to herself.

She tried to keep it out. The memories of her disastrous high school experience. When did not thinking about it actually worked?

Memories of her eating lunch at the girls’ restroom. The painful moments when the popular mean mocking her and laughing at her. Their words imprinted on her mind that she would never have someone love her.

She cringed at her thoughts and felt the cold air on her skin. Now she wished she brought her plus one.

And then she snorted. Yeah, right. As if she has any chances that her plus one would agree to come to her stupid high school reunion.

Why did she even come? Why?

“Yoona, don’t just stand there! Come on!”

Oh yeah. It’s because of Yuri, her best friend. She was the one single light in her dark high school memories. Yuri was also the one who had convinced her to come tonight.  She really doesn’t remember how.

Yoona hooked arms with her as they walked up to the registration where Yuri was easily waved off by who she remembered as Leeteuk, the captain of the football team during their senior year. He was one of those, nice students but not nice enough to stand up for her. Why would he? He had a reputation to uphold and he shouldn’t apologize for that.

When they were seated next to each other, he was nice and had a good sense of humor. Outside the classroom, he was with the jocks who made her look like a joke. To his credit, he never laughed with them.

“Name?” he asked.

“Im Yoona.”

He did a double take. “Im Yoona?”

“Hey Leeteuk-ssi.” She gave him a soft smile.

“Is that really you? I mean—“ He shook his head and exhaled. “Wow.”

“Thanks.” She blushed.

He gave her a name tag and waved her in. “Something tells me you’ll be quite a headturner tonight.”

“See you, Leeteuk-ssi.”

The night moved on and Yoona relaxed. She and Yuri were having fun dancing together and trying to identify who’s who and who’s married to who. That is until, Tiffany and her crew approached them.

It was like déjà vu. Those times when she was just sitting by herself in the cafeteria and these awful girls approach her and degrade her like she’s less of a person because she isn’t ‘Barbie’ perfect.

“Kwon Yuri.” Tiffany greeted. “Life has been well to you.”

Yuri rolled her eyes. “Yes. I suppose, not as well as how life is treating you. Twenty seven with no husband, but has already two children. Different fathers too. Wow Tiffany-ssi. As expected.”

Yoona’s eyes widened. She can’t believe Yuri just said that.

Tiffany reddened. She just gave Yuri a tight smile. “I believe you’re mistaken. I actually have a fiancé and he’ll try to come by tonight. You see he’s a very busy person—“ And then she noticed Yoona’s purse. “Oh, he’s very well known. He’s that statement.” Tiffany pointed at it.

Yoona’s purse is a very special gift from someone very special. A gift that she was reluctant to accept at first, knowing that it must have cost a damn lot. But the sender was also very annoyingly persuasive. She was basically forced to take it.

It was a black purse. With diamond studded letters that read ‘ONE OF A KIND’. Yes. It’s real diamonds.

“Is your friend a G-Dragon fan, Yuri-ssi?” Tiffany snarled.

Yuri scoffed. “This friend?” She pointed at Yoona. “This friend is Im Yoona. Do you remember her?” Tiffany’s eyes widened. “And for your information she’s not only G-Dragon’s fan but—“

“But I am also a collector of his merchandise.” Yoona interrupted her friend. Then she swallowed and offered her hand. “Tiffany-ssi, it’s nice to see you again.”

Tiffany extended her hand and they shook. “Wow Yoona-ssi. I guess Korea’s cosmetic technology is really the best huh? Who was your doctor?”

That was when Yoona got offended. You can tell her how big she was before or how much she’s changed but what she can never take? Insinuating that she got her whole body done when nothing was ever surgically enhanced.

Yuri was ready to retaliate of course. But Yoona held her back and raised her brow. “Why do you need a plastic surgeon, Tiffany? Getting something done? Is your fiancé, G-Dragon, not satisfied with how you look?”

Yuri looked at her friend with a new light. She was proud. More than proud.

High school was Yoona’s dark pit. A big hole somewhere in her mind that she likes to keep well-hidden. But now, she is standing up for herself. To the people who made her life as hard as it can get.

When they graduated, they both went to the same university, Yoona taking Business Administration while Yuri took Accounting. They were the perfect pair.

After receiving their diploma, they wasted no time proceeding to buy a two-storey building which they call their home and business.

Yoona designed the first floor to be a café, with an office for Yuri’s accounting firm. Their second floor is made up of their bedrooms.

Yoona’s café was a success in its first year and she managed to open up another in the second year. Now, she have six branches all over Seoul. She is now in negotiation on having a branch opened in none other than the YG building.

Thanks to her special friend of course.

Tiffany’s silence was deafening. So Yoona pushed her more, “Are you sure G-Dragon knows you? You’re not only saying it because you failed in life when everyone around you is as successful as they can be? Even Seohyun-ssi who you ridiculed for being stupid, is a world wide known model now. What are you now, Fany? A single mother who whored herself and turned up with two kids. If I didn’t know better, I’ll call it karma.”

Yoona was breathing heavily at the end of her little speech. She deserved it. She deserved it. She deserved it. Yoona chanted. But she felt guilty for saying those words even though frankly, for all those horrible things she experienced during high school, Tiffany probably deserved it.

“I.. I.. really know G-Dragon!” Tiffany tried.

“I doubt that.” Yuri smirked.

Tiffany looked around. Confused, scared. She cannot believe that Yoona would humiliate her like this. And then she saw someone. A handsome guy, standing at the entrance, looking for someone.


“I’m about to make that doubt go away.” And then she shoved Yuri and Yoona apart, walking fast as Kwon Jiyong saw her. He smiled. He held in his hands a bouquet of flowers. For her.

“Oppa.” She sighed.

But the famous G-Dragon wasn’t looking at her anymore. Then she realized, he was never looking at her. He never smiled at her.

He was staring at Yoona. He was smiling at Yoona.

Yoona walked directly to him and punched him on his shoulder. By this time, the entire alumni who came tonight had circled around them.

“Thank you, Jiyong! It was nice for you to take time off to come to my stupid high school reunion! I really appreciate it.” Jiyong said in a high pitched voice.

“Was that supposed to be me?” Yoona kept hitting him. “I. Do. Not. Sound. Anything. Like. That.”

Yuri was amused. She’d seen this before. And it was as entertaining as ever.

“Woman! I came here because you said you need me and I keep getting hit?! Stop it! Please!”

She did stop. But she stomped her foot and huffed. “You know I don’t like surprises.”

Jiyong grinned and looked at her with loving, teasing eyes. “That doesn’t mean I don’t like to do it.”

Someone’s hand touched the star’s back and he looked back to see Tiffany smiling at her. The girl snaked her arms on his waist and looked at Yoona. “I didn’t know the two of you know each other, Yoona-ssi.”

“Uhh… Yoong?” G-Dragon asked, carefully removing her hand from him. “Who is this?”

“You tell me, Jiyong ‘oppa’,” Yoona crossed her arms. “She says you’re her fiancé.”

Jiyong’s eyes widened. If there is anything he is afraid of, it’s mad Yoona. Boys, the silent treatment can kill.

“I don’t even know her! Yoona,” he looked at her with pleading eyes.

“Why do you even have to explain to her oppa?” Tiffany asked and pouted.

“Because she’s my fiancée! I don’t know you!” He growled at the girl.

“Ya!” Yoona said, crossing her arms above her apron and walked towards her customer. “Excuse me, but can’t you see the crowd of paparazzi outside? Sir, I think it’s time for you to find another hiding place.”

He looked up briefly from the book he’s reading. “This is my hiding place.”

“Sir, you have to understand that I’m running a business and people can’t get in because of your camera followers.”

“I understand.” He got out his thick wallet and gave a wad of cash to Yoona. “Get them coffee. My camera followers. Ask for their order and say that it’s on me.”

“Yoona, you have to hire helpers. I can’t keep doing this!” Yuri said as she came back from delivering an order to the customers.

“I know. I know. I’m sorry, okay?”

Yuri huffed. “You should be. I have work to get done.”

“Yul, I’m your only client. Do I have a lot of paperworks?”

“Now that business is blooming? Yes!” She leaned back on the counter. “This is all because of that singer G-Dragon?”

“Excuse me! I think it’s because I make good coffee.” Yoona sighed. “And yes, because of him too.”

“He asked you out on a date?!” Yul shouted as they sat in bed eating ice cream.

“He did. Just a few minutes before I closed down, he went inside and gave me his phone number. Then he said to contact him if ever I agree.”

“So will you?”

“What?! No!”

“Why not?! He’s undeniably handsome. He clearly likes you. He—“

“He clearly likes me?! How would you know that?”

“He’s very rich, Yoong. I doubt that he’d stay on your café without an ulterior motive. He can buy a branch of Starbucks for himself!” Yuri scooped a spoon of Yoona’s vanilla ice cream. “Besides, you owe him. You can deny it but you do.”

“Yoona, will you marry me?” Jiyong kneeled down.

“I..” Yoona looked around. The magnificent sky of Seoul at night. They were on top of YG building. Her favorite spot when she visits him here.

“I will do everything in my power to make you the happiest girl on Earth.” Jiyong promised.

Yoona’s eyes softened as she stared at her boyfriend of 4 years. She grabbed a bit of his blond hair. “Oh Ji, I’m the happiest now. Thanks to you. Yes. I’ll marry you.”

Jiyong smirked. “Saranghae.”

“I know.” Yoona giggled.


LDR and How it Feels

It’s like the weather nowadays. We wake up to a gloomy weather, without the sunrise. I’m robbed off my light. My bright, sun. 

It’s a train ride and we’re currently going through a long, dark tunnel. We can see the light at the end. It’s there but still too far. Everything just feels dull and dark. 

It’s wanting to tell each other even the smallest event that happened today and being disappointed when we can’t even finish a phone call.

It’s like being in a long, black and white mime commercial and I just can’t wait for my favorite show to come back on. 

It’s counting everyday that passed, thinking of what we could have done together that day instead of being away from each other. 

It’s crying alone instead of having his arm around you, consoling you. 

It’s praying for atleast the comfort of knowing you’re only half an hour from me instead of a plane ride away. 

It’s seeing those must-visit places and thinking it’s not worth time if we don’t go together. 

It’s sad. It’s depressing. It’s one boring, pathetic phase. But it’s not forever. 

I miss you. I love you. 

I Should’ve Listened

I should’ve listened to my friends when they said you were bad for me but I only minded how good you made me feel with the attention you’re giving me. Oh how a message from you can make my heart beat faster! How quick it can change my mood from grumpy to cheerful! I won’t forget the day we first met about the story you told me how your heart got broken. By then, I committed to making you happy again.


I should’ve listened to them when they said, “Don’t believe him!” but all I can think of is how amazing it feels to hear you say my name. How sad it made me feel to hear you say you miss me. There were never any hesitation. I ran to your side and I’ve offered you my shoulder to cry on. I longed for you because I thought you felt the same.


I ignored my friends when they told me, “I told you so” after I caught you with another. You broke my heart. But you said you’ll change and I believed you so. I think of you day and night. I wonder what you were doing. I gave what I could. Yet at times like this I find myself asking, “Is it not enough? Am I not enough?” I doubted myself and fell into a dark pit. I did the thing I said I wouldn’t do. I compared myself to others. What is it that I don’t have? Why am I not enough?


I should’ve listened to them but I’m glad I didn’t. You showed me who you really are. You made me realize that the person I created inside my head and the person in front of me, is not the same. I made you who I wanted you to be. We were supposed to be perfect but it was just a dream.


One day, I’ll realize I needed to not listen. I needed to see the real you to break the spell you had in me. You told that story to make me fall. You kept me in your hooks and led me on. You didn’t give me the commitment that I need to make me yearn for it. You made feel like I was worth less that I was so I would crave your validation.


The spell will be broken and I will see clearly. I wasn’t attached to you. I was attached to the person I thought was you. I am valid. And I’m certainly worth more than you will ever see.


@hey_itsehl! Remember what we said: You’ve always known what to do. And self love!




How does the sun find the strength to rise every morning even though it only gets to see the moon in passing?” –LT


As they say, it’s the same shit, different day. She swiped the screen of her mobile phone to stop her alarm. She groaned, begging the universe for five more minutes before she has to face another day.

Don’t get her wrong. Her work sucks as much as the next girl but she has great workmates turn friends. People who she can count on and people she spends her days and nights with.

It has become such a routine for over a year. Bathe, choose from her limited selection of clothes, if she didn’t oversleep, she’ll have time to do her make up (which was fewer and fewer these days).

She’ll take the commute like a robot programmed to do this route five times a week.

Most days she’ll get a good work station, a lucky one even. She’ll drink her coffee at the start of her shift and in the middle of working, she will find time to socialize with friends.

She’ll count herself lucky. Not every aspect of the production floor is perfect but it’s hard to find trustworthy fellows in this kind of environment. She should know. She’d been fooled once or twice.

She’s been known an observer. She would notice things most of her friends wouldn’t. For her, it’s both a gift and a curse. Nevertheless, it comes in handy.

Like during eclipses.

It’s what she calls those moments when in very rare times, the sun meets the moon in a short period of time. When the world around would stop, and it would just those two entities that would matter.

It’s both happiness and sadness. Happiness over that millisecond their lives touched and sadness that it couldn’t be more than that.

For her, the sadness would always win. But it’s better than nothing.

What is it they say? It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

She sees it on the floor almost everyday. And not everyone notices.

She knows of a girl who is yearning for someone to call her own. Of a girl who wants the innocent, old school relationship. She knows of a girl’s pain when someone took advantage of that vulnerability and twisted it to a temporary kind of bliss.

She would feel that pang of confusion and sadness the girl feels every time the girl turns pale whenever he’s near. When he greets her in the corridor and she has to pretend it didn’t bother her. A lost girl in her eclipse.

Now, she knows of a girl learning her lesson. She knows of a girl who is now aware that she deserves more. She knows of a girl who will not settle for less.

And now it’s time for some story telling..

Once upon a time, a princess gave everything for her prince. Her kingdom, her gold, her life. But for the prince, it wasn’t enough. Sadly, it has never been enough. He would leave for trips and tell the princess it was for him to be able to find himself.

Every time he leaves, the prince would come back with a maiden from another kingdom. He would flaunt it to the princess. He would apologize and because the princess didn’t know better back then, she would forgive and welcome him back with open arms.

Our little observer met the princess during the dark ages. When the wound was still fresh, and our princess would often cry herself to sleep. When the prince and Snow White walked around the kingdom showing off their relationship, she cannot imagine what the princess felt.

She cannot imagine how hard it is for the princess to wake up every morning knowing that when she arrives to the floor, she would see Snow White and her prince together.

She would marvel at how brave the princess is becoming. She would wonder how this princess can endure this long, dark eclipse looming over her. And she would say how proud she is of the princess, despite everything she had to encounter everyday, she held her head up high like the queen she is.


She would shake her head. How silly is this? But those were just two of maybe a hundred of eclipses happening around her. It was two of those she cares most about.

These are solar eclipses. Where despite the darkness that tries to block their light, it will end the sun looking more majestic than ever. The lost girl and the broken princess would come out of this. And they would find someone who would let them shine.

The shift ends as the clock strikes one. Everyone would retire to the locker room, tired and ready for rest.

The observer would grab her ringing mobile phone as the screen flashes a picture of her sun and her, together. She’ll answer the call. And upon hearing a simple hello from the other line, her eclipse would start and her heart would skip a beat.

Happiness for having someone she believes she doesn’t deserve but still loves her unconditionally. Sadness for they are 300 miles away from each other.

In the end, the sadness would be overwhelming. But not for long…