WELL… THIS, a G-Dragon & Yoona (GYOON) story

Another one-shot from my asianfanfics.com account. I really love this one. You would notice numbered paragraphs. The numbers represent months.

He pulled over, parking at the dimmed street at the end of road, adjusted his rearview mirror and checked his reflection. He ran a hand over his red hair. He’s here on a mission, and he has to accomplish it once and for all.

Grabbing the wine he bought, he stepped out of his Bentley and enabled its alarm security.

As he entered the house, his nose was hit by the aroma of delicious Italian cuisine. Exhaling deeply, he put on his award winning smile.

“Honey, I’m home.” He yelled.

A head popped out from the kitchen and raised an eyebrow as she approached him. “I didn’t know we’re at that stage already of.. Well, this.”  She pointed at the two of them.

He smirked. “I don’t think stages of a relationship applies to.. Well, this..” He imitated the gesture, “you know we can be whatever we want, babe.” He drew her in a hug, smelling her vanilla shampoo that made him go weak on his knees. “I missed you.”

“You’re late.” She said flatly.

“I brought you wine. From France. I went and talk to wine experts and stuff. I asked, ‘what would make my stubborn girl confess her feelings to me?’, they gave me this.” He handed the wine to her.

She examined it, with lips pouted. “A 1988 Pinot Noir, would make me say those 3 words? I don’t think so.”

She turned her back on him and moved to look for the wine opener.

“I’ll do that.” He said. “You continue your cooking.”

She left the bottle on the counter without any questions and stirred the sauce. “By the way, I’m not your girl.”

He just smiled. “Blonde looks great on you.”

“I look good on anything.” She said without looking up.

“You look better with nothing on.” He rebutted. He bit his lips when she looked at him incredulously.

She didn’t say anything to that. But made approving noises. “Back at ya.”

His smile widened.

And that folks, is the nearest thing to the words ‘i miss you’ from Im Yoona.

He didn’t mind. Ever since they started, well.. this, she had been like that. She has not been expressive about her feelings, unlike him. He had been expressing his undying love to her, three months into well.. this.

They knew each other since they’re in the same business but never had the chance and the need to talk with each other. They have mutual acquaintances of course. Did he ever noticed her before? Of course he did. Who wouldn’t? She’s the most beautiful girl in Korea. But he wasn’t interested, well not at first.

The same goes for her. He is Big Bang’s leader. She’s friends with Seungri. But they never talk about him or his other members. She was there when they were coincidentally at the same bar when she was out with Sooyoung and the girls. She laughed when he made a fool out of himself in front of them. She knew about his confession which was aired in Strong Heart and she knows the truth about it. Just a publicity stunt. All it was. Seungri cleared that up for her. And it was okay, she didn’t mind. She doesn’t like him anyway.

Maybe if they had kids and their kids had their own kids, they’ll think of another way to tell the story of how they met. Or how they became to be.. This. It’s not romantic. It’s not tearjerking. Maybe they’ll tell some cliche story instead. Like how the rapper G-Dragon had only eyes for SNSD’s Yoona when they met in a crowded roon. Or something. The true story of how they met is just.. spontaneous at most.

They were both invited at an international event in New York last September. It was hosted by famous designers and it was not unusual that they received an invitation. Many got invited but they found themselves the only two Korean celebrities in attendance. After mingling for an hour, both of them tired speaking English, resigned in the bar and had no choice but to make small talk. Or else they’ll look pathetic drinking alone in a party.

Free drinks are flowing, so they made sure they take advantage of it.

“It’s the best we can do, our outfits are damn expensive.” G-Dragon said, raising his bourbon and toasting Yoona’s drink.

They talked about the people who they met at the event, silently pointing and gushing at the Hollywood celebrities in attendance.

“I’m pretty sure Channing Tatum winked at me earlier.” Said Yoona.

“Angelina Jolie asked me to go to the bathroom with her.”

“I was in the bathroom with Beyonce and we shared a smile. I can die now.”

Adam Sandler stopped by the bar, grabbed a beer and greeted the two. When the movie star left, the two Korean stars looked at each other wide-eyed, not believing the famous Adam Sandler took time to even look at them. They laughed and proceeded to talk about their mutual friends.

There were gasps and eyes were wide when they discover secrets about their friends. They shared stories about their groups and talked about their companies.

It didn’t feel right, you know? I tried my very best and they wanted me as a back up for DBSK?  I thought about how hard it was getting there but it was clearly not what I deserved. So I quitted, and I found myself training for YG  a month later.” Kwon Jiyong explained. “Best decision ever.”

“I was happy. Am. Was.” Yoona shook her head. “I don’t really know now. My group is amazing. Oppas are amazing. Hoobaes also. But how we function as a company? After Sooman sajangnim, I just don’t know. Groups are incomplete, there isn’t a fair share of.. everything.” She sighed. “Tell me more about drunk Seungri.”

He did tell her more and they laughed together until the crowd starts to thin out.

“When are you heading back to Korea? I was thinking maybe we should do lunch tomorrow” the Big Bang leader asked.

“Not until the day after tomorrow. Lunch sounds good, breakfast is better though.” Yoona said, looking through her lashes, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

G-Dragon smirked. Who would have thought? Im Yoona and him? “Actually my hotel’s just across the street, you want to come inside for some coffee?” He doesn’t want to sound too hopeful, but he sure as hell felt that way. “I have a song I’m composing and I wanted fresh comments about it.”

She grinned and bit her lip. “I don’t drink coffee. But the offer sounds too good to pass up.”

They left together. And you might know by now what took place at Kwon Jiyong’s hotel room.

They had been meeting up in private ever since. They decided not to tell their members yet. So they had a hard time looking for places to be intimate as they were to avoid their members as well as their managers.

  1. Jiyong surprised Yoona with a house at the end of the road. Private, cozy and just right for their intimate escapades.

Yoona thanked him in not too many words but he understood. She made him feel her gratitude three times.

“Three fucking times.” Kwon Jiyong sighed as Yoona smirked cleaning up her lips. “G.O.D., you really swallowed each time?”

“I’m the best and you know it.”

“Shot me if I ever forget it.” He groaned as he pulled her closer to him.

2. Jiyong had known two months into their well.. this, that Yoona is different than the others he’d been with. They would meet in hallways and shows and she would never give herself away. She has so much control in this than he ever had.

3. He’d confessed that he might have start liking her and he gave her a necklace with an I<3NY, which she accepted without words. She just led him to bed and made him feel things. She wore the necklace almost always and stole a beanie from him which she wore in an airport sighting that week. They were both surprised no fans noticed.

4. Things got worse in SMTown and whenever they meet she would complain about it. Kris left, Lu Han left. Her SuJu oppas being taken at the background. A heated argument between Jessica and the management. She swore and cursed like a sailor, leaving Jiyong amused.

It started as a joke when he said, “You lot should move to YG. We’ll take care of SNSD better there. You know sajangnim was a fan of Love Rain?”

5. Five month into..this and GD was getting frustrated, Yoona is surely expressive, on when she’s stressed about SM, during their intimate moments and on other things as well. But never about the two of them. He tried to make her jealous, believe me. But she’s just too stubborn.

G-Dragon was in a club with his group of friends, hanging with models and such when Yoona texted. 

NYC: I’m at the end of the road, you free?

GD: Out with friends. 

NYC: Who with?

GD: Seungho, Teddy.. Kiko and her friends.. model friends..

He expected her not to text back. You know how jealous girls play the game. But no.. She didn’t even seem jealous at all. 

NYC: K. I’ll hang with CN Blue boys instead. Turned them down earlier…

He didn’t know how to reply.

NYC: Pretty weird while I’m gone commando, but oh well. Have fun.

GD growled and said quick goodbyes to his friends. 

GD: Omw. DONT go anywhere. I mean it.

That minx, Kwon Jiyong thought. He found himself staring at a cloth-less grinning Yoona, who had an evil twinkle in her eyes, fifteen minutes later. And then he pounced.

They had yet to label their relationship. Still, he knew he was hers. Only hers.

6.  They decided to tell their members about their little well.. this. They brought them into their humble love hut. There were squeals and looks of disbelief.

“So are you two together now?” Asked Taeyeon.

They shook their heads and muttered something about their situation being complicated. 

“Then what’s the house for?” Yuri questioned.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Seungri smirked. “Every time Yoona and hyung disappears, they do.. things here.”

There were looks of disgust while Seohyun blushed. Yoona and Jiyong only shook their heads.

“So can we count on you guys keeping this hidden for us?” Jiyong eyed their members.

They all agreed but they all had one condition— they get to borrow the house.

7. Jessica was removed from Girl’s Generation. Yoona yammered on and on about how awful staying at SM is, concerned that she’ll just kill herself to end the craziness. Jiyong took a deep breath and surprised Yoona with her words.

“I talked to Hyunsuk hyung. We talked long and hard.” He handed Yoona a brown envelope. “Here’s a draft of the contract if ever you decide to join YG.”

“Is this a fucking joke?” Yoona stared at the document.

“Why not Yoong? Your contract is ending two months from now. You’re miserable there. All of you are. Don’t tell me you’ll renew your contract there because that’ll be fucked up.”

“There are more at stake here and you know that. Endorsements, the copyright of our songs. The fans.” Yoona was tempted to sign the draft right there. But that wasn’t her thinking. 

We found loopholes on those things, talked to a lawyer and asked what would happen if SNSD hypothetically transferred to YG.” Jiyong gazed at her eyes. “You don’t need to worry about those things. We will take care of you.”

Yoona sighed  “I’ll talk to them. I’m not promising anything, you sly son of a bitch.” She glared at him. 

He only laughed. Because he knew in Yoona’s language it means ‘thank you’.

Now eight months into this, Yoona keeps getting more beautiful in Jiyong’s eyes. They continue to talk to each other in all kinds of subjects yet there are two that were untouchable. But Kwon Jiyong will cross that line tonight and hopes he doesn’t get burnt.

“So..” He started, as he laid down his utensils, just done eating dinner. “Thanks for the yummy food, babe.”

“It’s nothing. It’s either I cook or we’ll get take out again.” She raised her glass of wine at her lips and took another sip. Jiyong shifted in his seat. “Just spit it out, Jiyong.”

“There’s one month left until the deadline, Yoong. We need to know SNSD’s decision. So we can prepare.”

Yoona looked amused at how nervous her lover was. She knew how much effort he put in this moving thing and she will be forever grateful. “Well…”

She talked to her members and they came with a unanimous decision. It was enough for them to know that they were being given an option. Which they are not really familiar with in SM. Yoona would have told GD earlier but it was fun watching him walk in thin ice, careful with every word and every action, making sure it won’t push her in a different direction and say no to moving.

Yoona stood up and grabbed an envelope from a drawer. She handed it to him. “It’s a revised version of your draft. It contains some conditions and such from all of us. We don’t demand YG to grant it. We’re very willing to compromise.”

GD let go of the envelope, crossed the table and embraced the shit out of his girl. This will be so much fun.  “You’ll never regret this decision, babe. Never.”

Yoona cleared her throat. “Err.. Jiyong-ah. I.. You know I don’t do well expressing myself. But.. thank you. For giving us a way out of that shithole. For everything. I don’t know how we could repay you.”

“I know how.” This time, Jiyong grinned evilly. “I have two… demands.”


“First.. I’ll write you guys your re-debut song.”

Yoona didn’t even think. It would be their pleasure. “Done. And the second?”

“Secondly..” Jiyong hugged her again from behind and leaned his chin on her shoulders. “I want you to define.. well, this.”

Thank God he can’t see her blush right now. “What do you want me to do?”

“So babe… What are we?”

“We’re.. intimate partners.” Yoona answered.

“Hmmm.. I don’t think I like that answer.”

“We’re dating?”

“Still not satisfied.”

Yoona sighs. Aish. “We’re exclusive.”

“Jinjja?” GD asked happily. “So you’re my..?”

“I’m your yeojachingoo.” Yoona rolled her eyes. So childish.

“And I’m your..?”

“You’re my namjachingoo.” Yoona said flatly

“Aissh. You sound so happy.” He said sarcastically. “But I’m satisfied now. Hmm,” he kissed her cheek. “Saranghae, yeobo.”

Yoona blushed some more. Yeobo is different. Yeobo is definitely more than babe would ever be. “Er…”

“Yah! Yoona!”

Yoona smiled. “Yeobo..” Her face grew hotter. “I love you.”

GD smiled contently. “I told you that 1988 Pinot Noir would make you say it.”

Yoona just elbowed him softly.


9. Breaking news that shook South Korea and the rest of the world as Girls’ Generation announces joining the YG family in a press conference earlier this morning.

“We have made this decision as a group and also thought about our individual careers.” The group’s leader, Taeyeon, said.

It was also a surprise when Jung Jessica, former member of the group, came out.

“When we said ‘as a group’, we meant as nine members. SNSD will continue to YG as nine.” Sooyoung happily announced to the reporters.

When asked on how their former company reacted to this news, the group’s face Yoona, left this statement: “Lee Soo Man sajangnim accepts and respects our decision. It was hard to leave our first family but it is for our own good. For the first time, we did something because we wanted to. As a group, we felt as if we’ve already paid our debts to the company who paved the way for us but it was time to move on.”

YG’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk was present and answered a few questions regarding the group’s future as well as the company’s for the months to come.

“SNSD has chosen to train with YG standards as a preparation for their comeback. Basically, it will serve as a refresher for them as well as time to learn new skills. We are looking into bringing the best out of each of them. They will have their re-debut in a few months. G-Dragon has been kind enough to lend the girls his talent, and write their comeback song.” The girls as well as the reporters applauded. “There would be no interruptions for the other groups and they would release their albums as talked about before. The whole YG family is very happy with the addition. They were already talking about a party to welcome the girls.”

When asked if this is strictly a group contract, the CEO denied it. “I have discussed it with the girls. They chose what they wanted to focus on. They opted for different individual focuses, acting, hosting, theatre and singing. In fact, we’re already in the works for a drama series featuring the best of YG starring SNSD’s Yoona and possibly Big Bang’s TOP.  I let them chose it as long as they could handle the schedule.”

The Girls’ Generation asks the fans for support as they come to open a new chapter of their career

13. SNSD launched their new album produced by G-Dragon & Teddy and it received positive responses over the globe.  It’s taking social media by storm and stores were sold out within hours.

“Did you really expect the album to flunk?” GD asked, putting an arm on Yoona’s shoulder.

“Arrogant asshole.” Yoona muttered.

18. New drama by YG ranks no. 1 in TV. The show features SNSD’s Im Yoona, Big Bang’s TOP, 2NE1’s Dara and the debut of rapper/composer/producer and now also actor, Big Bang’s G-Dragon as the main characters. The show was the first ever series that features strictly only YG family members as the minor roles were taken by group members and only YG’s best.

26. YG Confirms Dating Rumors Between SNSD’s Yoona and Big Bang’s G-Dragon. 

Fans all over the world backtracked pictures of the couple as far as two years back and found subtle hints left by the YG stars as soon as the dating news broke.

“Well there goes our privacy.” GD groaned as he read the news.

“Dude, be glad you had 2 years of it. Time to face the media, man.” Taeyang said, pushing his leader to the flashing lights of cameras and the endless questions of reporters.

Well, at least, mission was accomplished.

Author’s note:

I would really appreciate feedback! 😀


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