List 10 Things that Makes You Happy

  • Books

Well  of course, books! Mystery books, YA books. All kinds of YA books. Sherlock Holmes! Harry Potter! It depends on my mood. I like YA badasses so I’m very much inlove with Ally Carter’s Gallagher girls, Pretty Little Liars,Divergent. When I feel nostalgic, I look for vampire novels as well. There’s something about them that makes you want it.

Favorite authors include JK Rowling, Sophie Kinsella, Cecelia Ahern, Jenny Han, Jennifer-Lynn Barnes, Jennifer Smith, Jennifer-Lynn Barnes, Kasie West.

  • TV Series

I like to read because it kind of shows me what’s happening in my head but when that doesn’t satisfy it, TV series are the next best thing. Of course, there’s the cop series, political and murder-ish, comedy and all. I learned so much from TV series as much as I have from books. It just cheers me up.

We have the classics– How I Met Your Mother, Friends, The Big Bang Theory. Cop series–  Law & Order SVU, CSI: NY, Chicago PD, Quantico, Elementary. My badasses– Scandal, HTGAWM, Blacklist, Suits. Science Fiction– Doctor Who, Travelers, Black Mirror, Z Nation, Teen Wolf, Brooklyn 99,  Orphan Black, . Other comedies– That 70’s Show, Full House, Fuller House, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23, Two Broke Girls. All time favorites– Gossip Girl, PLL, 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale.

I have two series I feel so proud I found.. Timeless and Leverage. You should check it out.

Yes, I’ve been quite busy. Netflix has been a companion these days. I should write a separate blog post for each series.

  • Friends

When I’m not binging TV series or doing a readathon, I’m with my friends. I like the drama, the gossip and just the classic rumors. High school friends and I like to guess who’ll get preggy next and other shitty things like that.

What I like most about them though will be that they can be there when I need them. I have a tighter knit of friends than before that withstood certain life events and issues. (Issue/problem magnet here!). And I try to be there for them as well! Cheers for friends!

  • Music

I don’t sing very well but I can hold a mic in karaoke sessions. I like music and how they make me feel.

Sometimes, these music can also serve as a nostalgia of the certain times of your life. I don’t like it but it sometimes reminds of me of difficult times or those things I regret.

  • Beaches

Ever since my boyfriend and I started traveling, I’ve always had a soft spot for beaches and the sun. I like seeing the sea so calm and hearing the waves. It also calms me. It reminds me of how beautiful nature can be. Beaches for me are happy places.

  • Pasta and wings!

With an exclamation point because these are my favorite food ever! I could alternate between these two foods forever. They can be different flavors and you can do so much with them. I just love them so much!

We have a local coffee shop near my office where I just love their classic carbonara. It’s so creamy and I just love it so much. For wings, Frankie’s and Wing Stop would be my go-to places.

  • Clouds and sunrise

I love clouds. I love the skies. I love seeing the clouds every morning. I have a 4AM job so everyday before the sunrise, usually around 5:30, I love to stand in front our 20th floor window overlooking the mountains of Rizal where the sun would rise in a few minutes. The colors of the skies are to die for. Sometimes it’ll be plain, sometimes it’ll show the colors of the rainbow gradient style. The clouds are like feathers. Then we can see the sunrise signalling the start of a new day. Oh gosh. It’s my favorite time at work.

  • Lipsticks

Since matte lipsticks came into play, I have just been so inlove with them. I have different colors. (Not too many. Maybe six or seven colors) I just adore it so much. I love playing with them and mixing it up sometimes. I like seeing them in shelves at stores. (Nowadays, I avoid it because I need to be an adult and save money and be boring)

  •  Big Bang & G-Dragon

The music of Big Bang is so relevant to me. It had always brought me to a happy place, a safe haven where I can always enjoy myself. From the upbeat sounds of Bang Bang Bang, Fantastic Baby, to the slow music of If You and Last Dance, I just love it so much. And you know what? They have a member who writes almost all of their songs. It got me through some bad times. And always been a creative faucet for me. When I listen to them, the creative juices just starts flowing.

My talented baby, Kwon Jiyong AKA G-Dragon. He has just been such inspiration when it becomes to writing. He is also successful as a solo artist. I am just so inlove with him.

  • Mc Anthony

My significant other. When all those 9 bullets fail, this is one sure proof to make me happy. Just being with him is happiness.

It’s crazy because he’s the reason why I am sad sometimes and he’s still the one I want.


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