Day 7 – Five pet peeves

Day 7 – Five pet peeves


Why only five? Haha. I admit it, I can be a high maintenance companion and I do have some pet peeves that can put be in a very awkward situation with other people.

1.  Repeating things


When I’ve said, I’ve said it. I can’t repeat it for more than three times. Or I get super duper annoyed. Like I want to shake you or just punch you in the face. You can’t make me repeat something I’ve said for more than two or three times. It puts my mood off.


2.  Asking me things and not believing my answer.


Like srsly? Why ask me in the first place? If you don’t trust me then ask somebody else. Don’t ask me.


3.  People who makes plans to do things together but never goes through at the end of the day


So like, everyone, right?


4.  People who thinks they have to lie to me


I would very much prefer for you to just tell me the truth, thank you very much. It would help show your remorse and that you have good intentions. I’m very accepting especially if you tell me the truth. I like honesty!


5.  Freeloaders with faces as thick as their asses


This is especially at the office. Like, it’s okay if you don’t have any money to contribute to the team lunches. Tell us and we’ll understand. Don’t make it seem like you’re not like that but you totally are. Like, I also don’t know what I’m saying. Hahaha. This specific one is mostly an annoyance to a specific person. I don’t like unfair people.





Day 6 – My views on mainstream music

Day 6 – Your views on mainstream music


I honestly don’t know what to say about mainstream music. What exactly is considered as mainstream music?

So according to, mainstream music is music that’s usually on the radio, Top 40 and is well known to the general public.

All right. Well that clears it up, doesn’t it?

Hmm, so mainstream music would be One Direction, Drake, Rihanna, The Chainsmokers, Ariana Grande, etc.?

I would think that music in the past year is much better than the previous years. Of course, there are still some that focuses on T&A’s but it’s much better now. It has meaning even though it’s not what it’s like before. I guess it focuses more on the beats and bass rather than the message. Compared to the previous years though, I think music is getting better again.

I only started listening to mainstream music when I started my job at Alorica. I focused my music genre on Big Bang before so it’s good to rediscover this stuff.

It’s catchy and all.

Day 5 – Things you want to say to an ex

Day 5 – Things you want to say to an ex


I don’t have an ex lol. I haven’t even considered other people I dated B.M. (Before Mc) as exes. But the challenge did not really specify ex-boyfriend. So I’ll be writing to an ex-almost.

Fuck you. It was one thing to stain what we almost had but it’s entirely different when you betrayed my trust. I trusted you with personal things about me. What hurts is the fact that I thought that maybe, even if we couldn’t take whatever what we had to the next level, you would still have some sort of respect in me. That you would still value the friendship we had. That was enough for me but you proved that wrong last week.

You are by far, the most vile human being I have ever met. I’ve met a lot of people but you had no conscience. I just want to shake you and ask you what the hell is wrong with you.

I just expected more from you as a friend. That’s it.

I can accept a lot of things but what you did was too much. It just showed me how wrong I am for trusting you. How I should’ve trusted myself when my gut was telling me that you are someone I was supposed to stay away from.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt and you fucked with that. You fucked with the people that gave you that. Try fixing yourself for a change. Like really, really fixing yourself. I hate you so damn much. But I don’t care anymore. You are just so, so awful. Rot in hell and I hope karma gets you good.

Day 4 – Bullet Your Day

It was a good day to bullet lol

  • I slept around 12:30AM
  • Woke up at 3AM
  • Arrived at the office 16 minutes late
  • Had 2 surveys, one of it was a negative one
  • Our team had a potluck. I brought spring rolls. We had pasta, liempo, ice cream, cakes!!
  • We ate again. Lol
  • Teammates and I ended up having an after work session at Centris Walk. 
  • Still here at Centris Walk after 7 hours lol

    Update at 7:54PM

    • Here at Whitewall Coffee shop at Centris where I always order Carbonara
    • Just found a Carbonara buddy today
    • Guess what? Carbonara here at Whitewall is currently not available -.-
    • We’re waiting for le teammates

      Update at 10:00 PM

      • Teammates are still not here
      • Mayonnaise is playing here at Centris
      • We want to go to Cloud 9
      • Still alive but lacks sleep

        Update at 2:42AM 03/26/2017:

        • teammates finally got around at 10:30
        • We had no where to chill
        • We chose Karaoke Republic
        • It was dang crazy and fun
        • I just got home
        • Good night!

        Day 3 – A book I love

        Ahhh. Where do I start? When will I end? Lol

        Day 3 – A book you love


        Ahhh. Where do I start? When will I end? Lol

        I met someone a couple of months ago and it was my first time sitting down with this person. Reading books excites me more than shopping or just plain going out. So expectedly, I asked this person about what books he loves. He mentioned some philosophy books that I have never heard of before and says he’s not into the YA kind.

        I’m 20 years old and other than mystery books by PJ Tracy and Lena Diaz, I pretty much stick to Young Adult novels. I have preferences on the genre but YA all the way!

        So this person, a year younger than me, said he didn’t like YA. That was okay for me. I could roll with that. I’m open to learning new things and I ain’t afraid of philosophy books. (lol!) But then, he said something that was so much of a deal breaker. Like I seriously cannot look at him after that. I even considered leaving right at that moment.

        He said and I quote, “I especially don’t like Harry Potter. It’s a waste of time.”

        *silence* I seriously wanted to use seven books of awesomeness to choke the guy. Suffice to say, I didn’t see him again.

        So yes, a book that I always love talking about and I will always love are the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling.

        I won’t probably be able to enumerate all the reasons why but my life was molded to the lessons I learned from reading the books.

        It all started with a reading assignment when I was in 5th grade. We were supposed to read a book. No specific ones and submit a book report about it. So my aunt and I went to a bookstore and I bought the thickest book I found.

        Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

        Yes, the first time I read the books, it wasn’t in the chronological order. (I’ve read for a hundred times now xD)

        It’s like the escape to Hogwarts from every book was what I needed. It sparked a light in my mind and showed me how imaginative and creative I can be. (Reason #1)

        Lessons from the books does not need a deep analysis but it also wasn’t just there. I can’t put it into words, exactly, but I live my life largely influenced by what I’ve read and learned from the books.

        From the friendship of the Golden Trio to Draco Malfoy’s upbringing. Let me try to enumerate some…

        • Real friends will go through anything with you.
        • Darkness never wins.
        • Some people didn’t want to be bad. They just didn’t know any other way. (ILYSM Draco Malfoy!)
        • Love always wins.
        • It’s okay to be different because real friends will accept who you are.
        • If you love someone, you can go through lengths to show it to them. (Always!!! *cries for Snape*)
        • Parents will do anything for their child. (Praises to Narcissa, Molly & Lily!)
        • There are many types of bravery. (Hi Neville & Snape!)
        • Loved ones never really leave us.

        Phew! I’m sure it’s not just that. There are many, many more. I love how the things they experienced on their extraordinary lives, we get to apply to our good old Muggle lives.

        I can rave about this series all day.

        Other books I love and learned a lot from:

        • Tuesdays with Morrie
        • One Hundred Names
        • The Notebook
        • A Walk to Remember
        • The Female of the Species
        • Perks of Being a Wallflower
        • My Not So Perfect Life
        • PS I Love You
        • Falling into Place
        • All the Bright Places

        Day 2 – Something I feel strongly about

        Day 2 – Something you feel strongly about


        Well, this is hard… I guess, I feel strongly about three different things especially right now. These are things that should be given light considering how Filipinos can be.

        First up is the rape culture here in the Philippines.

        As a woman living in an urban city, I am not a stranger to cat calls, creepy commuters and drug-addled homeless people. I live in Quezon City and went to Manila for college. I commute everyday and one of my biggest fears was being touched or just getting attention from men in jeepneys or while walking. I’m also not a stranger to pervy relatives. I’ve had officemates who have very twisted perception regarding women and their place in society.

        One of my officemates once joked about another officemate (woman) how she just looks oh-so-innocent but she probably had a dirty personality and just playing hard to get. I was positively livid when I heard him say that. It was not right in so many levels. This is the same officemate who also informed me that women should just be used to their boyfriends/husbands cheating because it’s a man’s nature.

        I was mad, of course. But I was also told how I ‘overreacted’ because he was just kidding. I think that people should take rape more seriously because it is a seriously traumatic experience. I wasn’t raped but I had first-hand experience with perverts who deserve some jail time. It’s not funny when it happens to you. It’s not funny as a joke. It’s not a laughing matter at all.

        Rape can happen everywhere. There is seriously no safe haven when it comes to these things. Once something happens to you, it changes how you see people, how you act around everyone.

        Second would be bullying/cyberbullying.

        Oh my gosh. I don’t even know how many times I’ve been bullied or even cyberbullied. This matter literally made me want to die several times in my 20 years of life.

        Perhaps one day I’ll be comfortable enough to lay down the details here in my blog. What I can say right now is that I was bullied when I was in elementary. I was (without sounding too boastful lol) pretty. You know, the ideal thin girl, with the pretty smile and all that crap. I was a source of insecurity by people around me. I was bullied because I was that person. I’ve received hate mails from that website so I had to stay away from that site. Fake Facebook accounts message me or my boyfriend telling crazy things about me and trying to drive us apart. (didn’t work so suck on that)

        I got wider and fatter back in the last year of high school but I guess I maintained being pretty. (still not sounding boastful lol) I was bullied in college for wearing make-up, having a boyfriend and failing my class. I am being bullied most days because of my weight now. You just can’t satisfy people *rolls eyes*

        Yes, sometimes you just have to let people be and not care about what they think. Easy to say, but pretty hard to do. You get affected. Period. You will be affected no matter how you say that you don’t care.

        Is there something wrong with me? I don’t think so. It’s their perception of me that’s wrong but of course, it’s still somewhat my fault. I had to make adjustments even when I know I shouldn’t.

        I’m pretty traumatized by bullying. It changed me from being a cheerful, friendly person to someone who observes her surroundings first before being able to decide if I can be myself in the place or not.

        And I want to raise awareness as to how it could affect people being bullied. As well as awareness for parents, role models, educators. This has to stop.

        For both the rape culture and bullying issues, victims should be able to speak up. Behaviours like these cannot be tolerated. It has to be corrected.


        Last would be mental health awareness in the Philippines.

        When you go to Ayala cinemas, you’ll see an advertisement regarding signing a petition to have the legislative government prioritize mental health laws in the country.

        I can’t tell you the statistics but I’m pretty sure we know some people we think have mental health problems. I think I have a mental health issue.

        Is it diagnosed? No. I don’t have money to have myself diagnosed by psychiatrist nor does my health insurance covers it. I’m sure others have the same story.

        A lot of people choose to end their life because of life’s hardships and people won’t just be driven to that point if they receive the help they need. Older generations will laugh this off or even chalk it up to laziness or stubbornness. That’s the sad part.

        We had to sign a petition for the senate and the congress to pay attention to such an alarming case. It’s so effin’ sad.

        I want to be diagnosed. I want the government to have the resources for me to do this. Filipinos should be aware how important mental health is and how it affects our daily lives.


        These are some things I feel strongly about. I would certainly educate myself more about these issues and how I can help others. I’ll keep you posted!