Drabble #3

​Once upon a time I fell in love with the idea of you

Finally someone who understands my darkness, my loneliness

We had the same situation and I thought you were it.

I said I was starting to like you

I meant to say I like the idea of us

You didn’t like me back. I said it was okay but it wasn’t. 
Turns out I didn’t like you

You were not the person I created in my head

We were not the same

You liked the attention I gave you but too coward,

Too emotionally available to give any commitment
I’m glad I realized it early

That two dark souls will never compliment each other

I can be your friend but I guess that’s all there is

My darkness deserves some light

And you are not the one who gave me the sun


Author: niahespiritu

22 | Quezon City, PH |

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