Drabble #3

​Once upon a time I fell in love with the idea of you

Finally someone who understands my darkness, my loneliness

We had the same situation and I thought you were it.

I said I was starting to like you

I meant to say I like the idea of us

You didn’t like me back. I said it was okay but it wasn’t. 
Turns out I didn’t like you

You were not the person I created in my head

We were not the same

You liked the attention I gave you but too coward,

Too emotionally available to give any commitment
I’m glad I realized it early

That two dark souls will never compliment each other

I can be your friend but I guess that’s all there is

My darkness deserves some light

And you are not the one who gave me the sun

Drabble #2

All I Know
I can still remember it clear as day

We were talking and she walked towards you

Hugged you like I wasn’t there

Like I was a nobody worth acknowledging

All I know is you were there and you did nothing

I can’t pinpoint as to where it went wrong. 

Was it something I did?

Was it something I didn’t do?

All I know is one day we were getting to know each other

The next day you were cold as ice

You’re a puzzle I can’t seem to figure out

Did you really like me? 

Did I make a mark on you like you did on me?

All I know is you let me feel I was not worth it

You didn’t fight for me so I did not do the same for you

You were not who I thought you were

Somewhere in the middle you’ve changed 

Now I know, I don’t deserve any of what you gave me

I am not a backup plan and definitely not a second choice.

You did not choose me so you lost me.